Ready Player One

Jeez, now what am I supposed to say about this that hasn’t been said already.. I could go on and on about the beautiful graphics, the cult references, the well paced adventure.. But so many others have done that already..

Let’s start by saying “There was a book?” I had no clue this was an adaptation so I’ll be reviewing this purely for the movie and not get upset that it’s not like the book.. Because let’s be honest.. every damn adaptation will have people go ‘wehh its not like the boooooook‘. Whoops, I might just have tread on some toes there.. eh, I’m okay with that.

On to the movie!  If you like pop culture references (from the 80’s and 90’s) then don’t read on, and just watch the movie. If you’re a bit younger and haven’t seen that many movies yet, do the same. However if you call yourself a ‘critic’ and go to sombre drama movies, skip this one.

The story relies heavily on the earlier mentioned pop culture references. There is an overlying story arc that does carry the movie forwards, but it isn’t going to satisfy you if you want a story-driven movie. I’d say it’s a bit one dimensional as it does lack depth at some twists and turns. The good thing however is that there are some fun twists and turns that keep the story as fresh as an unrotten tomato, and while it does tend to be very cliché (one obviously good guy, vs lots of obviously bad guys who only care about money) if you’re not expecting a Shakespearian drama you’ll be fine. Basically, if you’re looking to chill and be amazed by beautiful graphics and a fun adventure this is definitely the movie for you. It’s a laid back kind of movie that wants to touch your inner child (I know this sounds so wrong, but if you read it like that, you have a dirty mind.. not my fault!)

Now the world they manage to build up, is damned pretty. It’s interesting, it’s thought provoking and it’s something I hope can become reality some day. The visuals only enhance that statement!

Eh.. Since this movie is so heavy on pop culture facts, I could spam the fun facts full with those, but I’ll try to find some other points instead! for the pop culture ones: click here

  • Around the 35′ mark, Halliday is shown on the cover of WIRED magazine with a QR code. The code is readable, and links to an accompanying article on Halliday (July 2018).
  • Oasis is actually an acronym. It stands for Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation.
  • Due to scheduling conflicts this became the third movie in his entire career where Spielberg did not collaborate with John Williams.


All in all I say it’s a pretty entertaining and highly adventurous movie that doesn’t require much thinking! I probably missed over half of the references but due to the stunning visuals I’ll probably re-watch it some time in the future, for now I’ll give it an adventurous 7/10!


The one thing I do want to stress, to me it was obvious that this movie is just there to entertain. I mean, look at how the ending even manages to contradict the story that they’ve been building up throughout the movie. Quite ironic and funny if you ask me, but also a perfect indication that this was not a very well thought through story. Just mostly something to entertain. Oh and if you’re wondering what specifically the next sentence will be spoilers: Throughout the movie they pretty much show you how people should actually be living more in the real world, but the ending is them saving and keeping up the virtual world.


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